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Tango Sueño Connecticut Argentine Tango Academy is the premier Argentine Tango School in Connecticut, serving elite dancers for more than 19 years. The group and private lessons focus on authentic Argentine Tango as danced and performed in the halls of Buenos Aires.

After starting as "Tango Sueño" in 2003 with two weekly classes in Milford and Westport Connecticut, the Tango Sueño Academy grew and added classes at many more locations in addition to monthly Milongas -Argentine Tango Social Dance events. The annual CT Tango Fest and CT Tango Weekend, complement the weekly events with special beginner boot camps, guest instructors and an annual Tango Passion Show. Tango Sueño has been active in Westchester/NY as well offering classes in Pleasantville, Chappaqua and Katonah since 2010. The CT Argentine Tango Academy is an umbrella portal for all these expanded activities, as well as the tango blog For Better Tango.


group classes and privates

Tango Group classes are currently offered weekly in Milford, Norwalk and Pleasantville/NY. The first hour, essentials, is geared towards all levels including beginners. The second hour features various advanced tango elements for extensive training and fun! Privates are available in Milford, Norwalk, Danbury, Middletown and Pleasantville/NY.


special events

Special classes and workshops are offered every March and July within the context of the CT Tango Weekend and CT Tango Fest respectively. CT Tango Weekend emphasizes a boot camp for beginners, and the CT Tango Fest features guest instructors from Argentina, with special milongas, performances and the ever popluar Tango Passion Show.



Monthly milongas take place every second Saturday in Norwalk and every third Saturday in Milford. Moreover on some fifth Saturdays, there are additional milongas as well as special events during the CT Tango Weekend and CT Tango Fest. Tango Sueño Academy celebrates each new year with the popular New Year's Day Milonga each January 1st.

recent news

CT Tango Fest returns in 2022! After a long pandemic break, the two weekend long event will take place July 22-31 in Milford, Norwalk, Middletown and Pleasantville/NY. The guests and the schedule will be announced early June.

Tango returns to Westchester/NY after a pandemic break. Pleasantville classes will continue at Addie-tude Cultural Arts Center every Tuesday. For details visit:

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Linda Mejia and Gem Duras
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